About Us

Online learning has been revolutionary.
But is it the best we can do?

Without the real time feedback from peers and teachers and without students interacting with each other, learning is incomplete. Ineffective.

Our objective was to transform online education into a live, interactive and engaging experience.

So, our engineers designed a platform with all the tools necessary to recreate the classroom and make teaching effective from anywhere in the world. This included an AI-driven, secure, video conferencing tool developed in-house by our software engineers. Features for streamlining coursework, assignments and assessments in one place. And a way to communicate with students through messages and mails within the system.

Today, we are ready with an all-inclusive platform that ensures the best customer experience.

"infyni is a user friendly platform, where you can train, share your power point presentations and assignments for the students, easily.”
Tejesh - Freelance Trainer
"What I found great about the infyni platform was that I don’t have to use any third party. Everything including mails and messages are included in it.
That’s pretty cool.”
Uttam Saxena - Freelance Trainer

infyni Platform

An easy-to-use, reliable platform designed for teaching & tutoring from anywhere in the world. An interface where content development, course administration, student and teacher management, course progress tracking, and reporting is all integrated into one. The platform is meant for

  • Independent Tutors
  • Coaching Institutes
  • Schools
Our Mission

infyni is committed to providing learners and mentors the support and resources they need to succeed as part of a learning community.

Our Journey

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